Autumn Leaves Memory Care: Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Sundowning-with-Alzheimers-confused-blue-manAutumn Leaves Memory Care communities enlisted my assistance in meeting a need expressed by their customers. Here’s what we created.

The need: In surveys, families of residents of Autumn Leaves’ 40 memory care communities expressed a desire for more information and education relating to the Alzheimer’s and dementia that affected their loved ones.  To meet that need, I helped conceptualize a bi-weekly e-mail series entitled the “Family Education E-Blast” and wrote the copy. Every other week, family members (as well as families of future residents) received an informative article on a specific topic of practical value.


After the series was implemented, customer satisfaction in this area significantly improved, as measured in family surveys.


Here are a few of the Family Education E-blasts. Click on the link to see a PDF of each.


* Coping with Sundowning: Many people living with Alzheimer’s or dementia experience increased agitation or confusion in the late afternoon or early evening. Here’s how to cope.

* Caring for the Caregiver: If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia, you need to take steps to take care of yourself, too.

* Can you inherit Alzheimer’s? The question is complex and the answer is not clear.  But here’s what researchers do know.

* Stages of Dementia: By anticipating each stage of the disease, you’ll be better equipped to cope. Part 1 of 3.