The History Press will publish Haunted Plano, Texas by Mary Jacobs on September 17, 2018.

Meet the ghosts and spirits haunting Plano’s old homes and businesses! There’s the Evaporating Apparition, who spooked the staff at the Art Centre Theatre; the grumpy spirit of an old Plano rancher who stalks the Masonic Lodge; the Giggling Ghost, a little girl in the Cox Building with a penchant for peanut butter and pranks; and the Haughty Hostess, who’s unhappy that her home is a public venue. Explore spooky urban legends, like the Goat Man, the Clown Threat, and Ranch 111, where devil worshippers performed their dark rituals. Discover the truth about little Edna Bowman, and why Plano kids thought she was doomed to eternal damnation. Learn the haunted history of some of Plano’s darkest moments: the smallpox epidemic, the gruesome murders of the Muncey family, and the city’s first fallen police officer. Find out why kids were afraid of the Witch Lady of Plano – and why the FBI kept a file on her.