Finding Good Senior Care 101

Insider secrets they won’t tell you when you’re shopping for a senior living community.

A four-part series by Mary Jacobs for the Senior Living Section of the Dallas Morning News.

Part 1:

Tips help untangle the many options when picking a senior residence

When choosing, be sure you understand exactly what services the senior community offers — and what it does not. Choosing between independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing care.

Part 2:

Look beyond the friendly tour when choosing elder care 

Too often, a crisis touches off a frantic search for nursing home and other senior care. Here’s a checklist to go by when you’re deciding on a place.

Part 3:

The cost conundrum: Once you find the right elder care, do the research to pay for it

Tips for navigating the costs for care for your loved ones. And no, Medicare won’t pay for it.

Coming soon: Part 4

Auditing the care your loved one is receiving