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Q&A with Alzheimer’s Researcher Jim Ray

It’s a medical doomsday scenario: By 2050, an estimated 16 million people will have Alzheimer’s disease, and the cost of […]

Dallas Morning News: Traveling with a loved one who has dementia

If you’re planning to travel this summer with someone with dementia, you’ll need to plan ahead. Story by Mary Jacobs […]

Mary Jacobs: Blogger for Senior Living Communities

Need engaging content to help your senior living community connect with potential residents and their family members? Mary Jacobs creates […]

Do you know your retirement number?

Only about half of all Americans have figured out how much they’ll need to live comfortably in retirement. But knowing […]

Dallas Morning News Senior Living: The New Old Age

That moment you realize: your grandparents were younger than you are today.   By MARY JACOBS Special Contributor July 9, […]

It’s a brave new world of social media – and you can be in it

  Howard Cox, 89, couldn’t think of any good reason to sign on to Facebook.  Now he checks regularly. Mary […]

Coping with loved ones who may wander

By MARY JACOBS Special Contributor About 3 out of 5 people with Alzheimer’s disease will wander and get lost at […]

Pearls of Wisdom: Seniors share advice for living

By MARY JACOBS Special Contributor Karl Pillemer is a little embarrassed he didn’t dream up the idea sooner. As a […]

Are Mom and Dad Really “Fine”? How to Find Out When You Live Far Away

Things can get complicated when you’re caring for a loved one who lives in another city. Your first challenge: figuring […]

Is helping adult children good for them?

The Dallas Morning News/Published May 13, 2013     Last summer, my 23-year-old son announced he was heading to California […]

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