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Lifesaving Writing!

Writing is fun and challenging, but it’s not brain surgery. It doesn’t save lives. Or so I thought.


Following a FODMAP diet is a treatment, not a weight-loss diet.FODMAP is an acronym for a mind-boggling series of carbohydrate types. The term […]

The Sunday Scaries

How to fend off the ‘Sunday scaries’ before they wreck your weekend Mary Jacobs, Special Contributor   It rolls in […]

Q&A with Alzheimer’s Researcher Jim Ray

It’s a medical doomsday scenario: By 2050, an estimated 16 million people will have Alzheimer’s disease, and the cost of […]

Old heart defects: Sometimes forgotten, never gone

Only about 10 percent of adults with congenital heart defects are getting the recommended care they need, and as a […]

Paging Doctor Google

You know you’ve done it: Googled your symptoms to find out what’s wrong with you. You’re not alone. More than […]

Dallas Morning News Healthy Living: The art of healing

Crow Collection offers wellness classes to ease stress By MARY JACOBS Special Contributor Because her job as a legal assistant […]

How to pick the best option for after-hours medical care

Do you need an emergency room or an urgent-care center, or  will a drugstore-based clinic do the trick? It’s up to […]

A Dizzying Problem with a Simple Solution

By MARY JACOBS Special Contributor / The Dallas Morning News In a moment, Teresa Johnson’s world spun out of control. […]

How to manage doctors’ visits from far away

 Mona Reeder/Staff Photographer Dr. Mitch Carroll is an internist who focuses on older patients. He offers tips on keeping adult […]

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